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ReCAST Toolbox

ReCAST provides learning opportunities to advance community safety and healing. Trainings provide tools and strategies for Mecklenburg residents to address a range of topics including trauma, toxic stress, resiliency, and self-care.

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Why should I sign up?

We all wear many hats within our daily lives, often resulting in stress and fatigue. Trainings and workshops can provide tools to tap into our personal resilience, ultimately supporting wellbeing in our workplaces, homes, and communities.

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What types of trainings are offered?

A variety of trainings are available to individuals and organizations:
- Resilience trainings
- Self-care workshops
- Trauma-informed care trainings
- Compassionate organization seminars
Visit the Resources page to see upcoming trainings.

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Who can participate?

Parents, teachers, law enforcement... anyone can participate! A wide variety of training options are offered to expand tools and resources for all members of the community.

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How can community resilience be achieved?

Community resilience involves supporting individuals and promoting systems change. Trainings provide participants with tools and skills that can support their unique approach to resilience. Trainings can also support systems to embrace more holistic and trauma-informed practices to better serve the community.

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