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Faith Healing Hubs

Faith-based organizations have a longstanding history as advocates for community development. ReCAST has provided funding for faith-based organizations to expand their work and create a community support system through hired Navigators.

Healing Hubs in Action
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What is a Healing Hub?
The Healing Hub model has been adapted to meet the unique needs of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community. Faith Healing Hubs expand the capacity of faith-based organizations to connect youth and families to existing services.
Funded Navigators
Navigators consider the needs of the whole person when providing referrals to services in the community.
New Partnerships
Participating organizations actively engage in efforts that strengthen community collaboration and resource sharing.
Holistic Approach
Training is provided to all staff to expand mental health literacy, trauma-informed care, and resiliency approaches.
“ReCAST supports our organization with funding as well as with connections with organizations.”
Demi Garcia
Faith Healing Hub Navigator
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Each faith community takes a unique spin on the ReCAST Healing Hub model.
The ReCAST Healing Hub model can be adapted in numerous ways. Scroll through the slides below to learn more about the ReCAST approach and factors to consider when implementing a Healing Hub.

Program Process

Step 1 Putting Ideas to Paper
Step 2 Getting Started
Step 3 Mapping Out Next Steps
Step 4 Preparing for Success
Step 5 Doing the Work
Step 6 Working Towards Sustainability